This may shock you, but Google LOVES to give businesses like yours new leads and sales everyday!

Why?  They want to keep that person who searched for you coming back to Google through their smart phone over and over so they stay the most popular and trusted search engine in the world!

Google just reported that 8 out of every 10 searches through their app come from a person like your customers, clients or patients in a local city searching for a local provider or business!  That is AMAZING!  It has never been easier to have the #1 website in the world send you leads and sales everyday.  Its literally like Google referring new business to you on daily basis!

Imagine for a second that your business is one of the first options a person sees on the first page of Google when using their smart phone to search for your service?  Can you imagine that, really?  How cool it would be to know that the most trusted website on the planet is sending you business and people immediately trust you because they see that Google put your business on page one!

How Do You Place Your Business On Page 1 of Google You Ask?  Simple, Local SEO! 

I know “Local SEO” is still somewhat of a foreign term to local business owners.  We get asked all the time how we rank our clients on the first page of Google for the toughest keyword phrases in todays “Google update bonanza”.  See, what many people don’t realize is the rules that apply for “organic” or “national” rankings do not apply for most “local rankings”.

See this screenshot for a good example of what “local rankings” look like.

This screenshot shows local results for “plumbers salt lake city”.  Notice that you have A-G results, plus local authority sites ranking above company websites.  This is the goal for all Local SEO ranking strategies where your business can take up to 20-40% of the first page of Google for different keyword phrases.  That is HUGE!  If your business had these kind of results, how much more business would you receive?  Now you’re starting to imagine the impact that Local SEO can have for your business.

So the question is; how do YOU do this for your business?

There are three very important steps you can have your team take to get 1st page results:

1.  Optimize your companies website properly
– Focus on the title tag, description and Alt Tags only and you’re good to go!
– Each page needs to be authentic, no content copied to make sure Google likes your site!
– Keep your optimization focused on one or two keyword phrases and one or two cities per web page.

2. Go claim and optimize your Google+ Local Listing AND set up authority sites for your business
– This is SO important.  Google will rank your authority sites, like,,, for you BEFORE they rank your site.  Google loves authority sites!

3. Begin your local SEO link building campaign, but keep it simple.
– If you don’t choose the link building option, its hard to rank on page 1 and stay there long term.
– The key is to have your team build links to your authority sites, not your company website! (Just trust us)

So, there it is!  The three “must do’s” for any local business owner wanting to rank their website and business on the first page of Google for their service!  The three steps listed are the EXACT steps our digital marketing firm take to rank every one of our valued clients!  We can say with 100% integrity that EVERY client of ours is receiving crushing first page rankings on Google for their service in the cities they want to target!  We are very proud to say that!

That is why we have a special $7.00 offer for you to buy and send to your team to knock out so you can rank on page 1 and get leads and sales from Google daily!   We understand that you don’t have time, you’re running your business.  BUT, we KNOW you want MORE LEADS AND SALES!

So, we have put together OUR COMPANIES very own execution plan we use for every one of our clients around the nation. Imagine being able to access the exact steps, optimization strategies, links to the authority site builder we trust and use that gives you 35 authority sites instantly, a link to our link building service we trust and use to place link building on auto-pilot and more to make it very easy and fast to complete your Local SEO strategy.

That is exactly what you receive with our special $7.00 offer, yes…simply $7.00 with no “buy this” thing on the other side . Simply purchase and send the information and access to your team.  This is our complete, pull-back-the-curtain execution plan showing you and your team exactly what you need to do with each of the three steps listed above. It really couldn’t get better than that, right?   So, click the link below here and get it now!  Please know, if you need help executing the plan, simply message us!


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But, if you don’t need help, no big deal!  You take our checklist and go serve the people in your city with the best service possible!

Deal?  Deal!

Thanks for reading this, we sure hope this blog has helped you take the next steps with Local SEO!

There is more to come for sure!